Dakota Deluxe bar, Leeds


I cannot rate this place highly enough. It has fast become a favourite of mine. The customer service is impeccable, the decor is decadent and the atmosphere is incredibly relaxing. The staff make you feel at home at the same time as making you feel valued. The drinks list is fantastic and the cocktails are gorgeous. I almost didn’t want to do a review because it’s that good, I don’t want to share it! However, I couldn’t not tell you all and I would certainly urge you to go!

Atmosphere 10/10
Quality 10/10
Service 10/10
Value 10/10
Unique 10/10
Overall 10/10


Tattu, Leeds

This is a frustrating review, to write and to read, because I’m about to tell you all about the magic of Tattu , how it’s customer service ethos is on point and plenty of reasons why you might want to go. I’m also going to tell you why it’s unlikely that I’ll return.

I arrived with my family for our table at 6PM. Tattu was so popular that this was the only table I could book for the night despite it being booked in advance. I was so excited to try the place, I didn’t care what time the table was. When we arrived I gave my name and booking details. The member of staff appeared to find me on the list but then there was long period of time where we stood waiting for instruction and the staff spoke to each other uncomfortably as if something had gone horribly wrong. Eventually we were seated.

It’s a strange atmosphere at 6PM on a summery day. The restaurant decor is very dark and sleek and sexy. The juxtaposition of this against the bright sunny windows felt somewhat clashed. It felt like being in a nightclub in the middle of the day. On that point, the music is just awful. There was loud house/dance type music pounding away at 6pm. I asked our waitress if the music was this loud during the week and she  somewhat proudly announced that it was and it gets louder from 9pm. It doesn’t really go with the tranquil imagery I associate with Chinese culture and it certainly doesn’t make for a pleasant eating environment. It’s almost impossible to have a conversation across the table. This is the reason why I am unlikely to return. I can think of lots of friends and family that I would like to take to Tattu to show them the decor and the food but I would never subject any of them to the atmosphere.

The tables are beautifully decorated but feel a little crowded. There doesn’t seem enough room for everyone to look at the menu and you have to hold it up as there is nowhere to lay it down on the table. Unfortunately, along with the horrendous music, there was an alarm that kept going off continuously. It wasn’t Tattu’s fault, their alarm was being triggered by the alarm of a neighbouring bar. This brings me on to one of the best things about Tattu, the customer service. The alarm was annoying, very annoying. The staff recognised this and  both our waitress and the co-owner came to speak to us to apologise and the co-owner bought us a round of cocktails to apologise. In my opinion, you can tell a lot about a restaurant by the way they handle their mistakes. Tattu had it bang on. We also waited an extremely long time for our dessert to arrive. Again the waitress and co-owner spoke to us, apologised and we got another round of free cocktails. This time it was a sharing cocktail and it was certainly a showstopper! and very tasty too!

We ordered starters and they were all delicious. We had a mix of dim sum and small plates including Wagyu dumplings, lobster and prawn toast and mushroom spring rolls. They were presented beautifully and each tasted delicious. We ordered mains and again they were delicious and looked stunning. Between us we ordered Thai monkfish, caramel soy beef fillet and pork ribs. We had all ordered a different main initially but we were told that they had run out. This was extremely disappointing considering how early it was and that it was a Friday evening, the start of the weekend. I would expect a restaurant to be better stocked. We were advised to order two sides between the four of us as that was more than enough. The side portions are pretty small, I’d recommend ordering a starter each or maybe three between four. We waited an incredibly long time for dessert. Again they had run out of one of our choices, so we each ordered the cherry blossom dessert, which is a really fun and magical dish. It’s certainly worth ordering and is lots of fun but don’t expect anything as refined as the rest of the meal. It is cherry and chocolate flavour and involves candy floss. It makes you feel like a big kid but it just tastes like sugar, very lacking in flavour or quality. Unlike the rest of the food.

The cocktails are great but some are better than others. My first cocktail, recommended by the waitress, was very small and insignificant, not worth the £9. I was envious of everyone else’s that were bigger and better presented, some bubbled, some sparkled. I did later order a peepshow martini and it was incredible! Very good cocktails, I just wasn’t a fan of the ‘Eastside’.

Be careful when coming back from the toilets. They are pretty far away and when you get back through the door to the restaurant, everything is dark and there are mirrors everywhere. It’s hard to work out where to go and two of us walked in to a mirror!

While waiting for our bill a magician came over and did some tricks with us, he was very good and I liked the added fun. At one point, they had made a cocktail and didn’t know who to give it to so they gave it to my mum as it was her birthday, which was a nice touch.

The restaurant gets very smokey over the course of the evening. I wasn’t too bothered by it but it was irritating others.

All in all, I had a good night, but I think that was mostly due to the free cocktails! The food is great and I would love to return but not with the music. I can’t think of anyone who I would recommend it to. I suppose if you are looking for a party atmosphere even while you eat then this could be the place. For me, it was so uncomfortable, I couldn’t wait to leave. Unfortunately, we were there for around three and a half hours in total due to all the waiting. I was over an hour late to the bar I had booked for after my meal. Luckily the bar were fine about it and we could all relax in a peaceful atmosphere once we got there.

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Atmosphere 2/10
Quality 8/10
Service 8.5/10
Value 8/10
Unique 9/10
Overall 5/10

Iris, Wakefield

A good friend has been telling me about Iris restaurant in Wakefield for a long time, so I jumped on the opportunity to give it a try. We arrived on a Tuesday lunchtime. It was empty, which was slightly off-putting but it was the very beginning of lunchtime and it was mid-week. We were politely greeted by friendly gentleman and immediately felt at ease. We forgot about the empty surroundings as we had lots to catch up on and another pair of diners did join us later on. I felt the staff got the service just right. I’ve found in empty restaurants that staff can either be overbearing and nowhere to be found. We got just the right amount of attention.

On to the food. I ordered the beetroot salad to start. It arrived beautifully presented, with a mix of purple and golden beetroot, slivers of sharp and creamy goats cheese and decorated with leaves and blackberries. Hidden underneath the beetroot was a heap of caramelised onions and something crunchy that seemed candied. Not sure what it was but it was a delightful contrast. Very enjoyable starter. My friend ordered the scotch egg and was very impressed with it.

For main, I ordered flat iron steak with twice cooked truffle oil and Parmesan chips and savoy cabbage with pancetta. I ordered chimichurri sauce on the side. With lunch, each main comes with two sides and a sauce, which is great value. The food was very nice and the portions generous. We were asked if we wanted any salt and pepper when we were given our meals which we declined. Once I’d had a chips, however, I realised they did need salt and I feel it would have been more convenient if there was salt and pepper on the table. Good quality food though, I did enjoy my main.

Despite being stuffed, I hate to turn down a dessert. I was immediately drawn to the elderflower cheesecake with raspberries and meringue. Unfortunately, the dessert did let the meal down for me. Elderflower is subtle but in this cheesecake, it was undetectable and I actually forgot that it was flavoured. The cheesecake tasted quite savoury with a saltiness rather than a sweetness. The accompanying elements of the meringue, cream and raspberries were all very sweet so I understand the need to balance, however, I feel that the balance was not achieved here. The base of the cheesecake lacked flavour and was on the soft side for my liking. My personal preference is that a cheesecake base should be crisp and have a biscuity, buttery flavour. It should be an element in it’s own right, rather than a vessel to transport the cheese topping. Personally, I wouldn’t have presented the meringue as shards. I would perhaps have crumbled the meringue over the cheesecake. I found the meringue a little too stiff and feel a softer and more crumbly meringue would have helped to sweeten up the cheese topping. Perhaps a dusting of icing sugar would have lifted the salty flavour a little. That said, I did enjoy the combination of cheesecake, raspberries and meringue and the coulis was well balanced in terms of sharpness and sweetness. The texture of the cheesecake topping was perfect. It was just the right amount of dense. Personally, I’m not a fan of cheesecakes that are too gelatinous and mousse like, this was firm and just right.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience. I found the food to be of good quality, I would just recommend a couple of tweaks here and there as mentioned, but that’s my preference. The value for money is outstanding and the presentation is pleasing without being pretentious. When comparing this restaurant in my mind to some of the fine dining/Michelin star restaurants I’ve been to, I’d say it’s not too far off to be fair. I would recommend a visit and I would like to return for evening meal and see what it’s like when it’s a bit busier. I’m not sure how old the restaurant is but I feel like it could be one to watch if it keeps building on its already good foundations.

Atmosphere 7.5/10
Quality 9/10
Service 9/10
Value 9/10
Unique 8.5/10
Overall 8.5/10

The Cat’s Pyjamas, Eastgate, Leeds

I was attracted to The Cat’s Pyjamas because I love Indian food but I find most Indian places to be very similar, this place has a twist. I’m a big street food fan and I’ve not tried Indian street food before, so I was excited to try it here.

The venue itself is unique, it has a good atmospheric street food feel yet it’s not too crowded and doesn’t have that ‘canteen feel’ that other street food venues have. The open plan kitchen brings lots of lovely inviting smells into the arena!

We were greeted and seated and given a menu. The menu is small but has a good mix of traditional favourites and things you may not have tried before. I like that the menu is small compared to the giant menus you see in traditional curry houses. My only criticism is that a fair chunk of the menu is vegetarian. I don’t mind that so much but my husband is a firm believer of it not being a meal if it doesn’t contain meat! That said, it’s a great place for a group of mixed vegetarian and meat eaters to go together.

We ordered poppadoms and a pickle tray. You just get a standard basket of poppadoms rather than paying per poppadom. The pickle tray was small but tasty and the poppadoms were plentiful. I ordered pani puri to start. They were like little fried baskets filled with tamarind chutney, chilli, chaat masala, potato, onion and chickpeas. They came with a little flavoured water on the side which I had been using as a dip until a waitress came over and explained that the idea was to pour the water in! I wish I had been told that when I received the starter! My husband ordered Keralan beef fry which was a generous portion of chunky tender rump steak cooked with onions and spices and topped with coconut flakes. Both starters were very generously sized.

For main, I ordered Lamb Rogan Josh. It was nice, not the best curry I’ve ever had, not the worst. My husband had the Goan chicken, a mild and almost sweet dish. I wasn’t a fan but then I don’t like mild, sweet curries. We shared rice and an onion and corriander naan bread. The naan was lovely, really tasty and perfectly cooked, fluffy with a delicate crisp. I washed it all down with a mango beer which was delicious and my husband had a nice IPA.

In terms of service, it was all pretty quick and efficient until the end. It really annoys me  when they give you the bill and then disappear for ages. Clearly if I’ve asked for the bill, I want to pay it. I don’t want to look at it while you wipe tables. Generally, the staff were good, checked if things were okay without hassling us. They gave good advice about the food in terms of portions, flavours and consistency. The only downfall was that I missed out on eating the majority of my starter the proper way because it wasn’t explained to me from the beginning.

I think I would go back. There are still things on the menu that I would like to try. If I was craving the full curry experience, I would probably still go to the usual popular places but I’d take friends and family here for something different.

Atmosphere 7.5/10
Quality 7/10
Service 8/10
Value 8/10
Unique 8/10
Overall 7.5/10

Bilboa bar, Leeds

We are spoilt for choice with tapas in Leeds but Bilboa should not be overlooked! I came here with a large group of women and the service was fantastic. They were the perfect combination of seamless efficiency and friendly attentiveness. We were welcomed by a friendly member of staff who guided us to our table and talked through the menus, making recommendations.

The menu has the classics on there that you want such as spanish omelette as well as different things t make them stand out, such as ox cheek in rioja. I went for the ox cheek, a special of scallops with black pudding and some chorizo in cider. Great flavours, decent portions and fast service. Happy customer!

The gin selection was good, with some of my favourite spanish gins including Gin Mare and Nordes. A gin and tonic was a little pricey at £10.50 but my glass was full and the garnish was almost perfect, missing an olive in the Gin Mare.

The waiters glided in and out of sight as and when needed and nobody seemed to be waiting long for anything, pretty impressive considering the size of our group. More impressive was the fact that they sorted us all out with individual bills and again this was done with no fuss in an efficient manner.

Great place, great food, great service, great gin list. I shall be back.

Atmosphere 9/10
Quality 8.5/10
Service 10/10
Value 8/10
Unique 8/10
Overall 8.5/10

Hessian, Oakwood, Leeds

I recently stopped off at the new Hessian cafe for a cappuccino, just to have a nosy at the new addition to Oakwood parade. After browsing the menus and meeting a member of staff there, I knew I would be returning.

Bank holiday weekend seemed like the perfect time to try it out for lunch. We were greeted by warm and welcoming staff. It was great to see a familiar smiley face from Sunshine Bakery amongst the staff crew, I hope he will be a permanent fixture. Hessian is only a small venue and it was bank holiday but I was pleasantly surprised to see how busy it was in there. I love that the menus are small, less pressure on the staff means better quality produce. The food is everything I love, healthy, hearty and wholesome. I love the Mediterranean theme.

I really like the decor and the feel of the place. The small dining area in front of the open plan kitchen has a real cosy, living room feel to it. The only drawback of this is that it is quite cramped and when it’s busy it can get really loud. The chef had a system where he rang the bell when a dish was ready for service to collect. It was so bustling in there that the waiting staff kept missing the bell.

We drew the short straw somewhat with the service. One of the best things about Hessian is the staff team. They are smiley, friendly, helpful and just the right level of chatty. Apart from the man who was serving us unfortunately. He was pleasant enough but it really seemed like he’d rather be anywhere else but there. I had ordered a salad that came with grains, when the salad came there were no grains. I raised this with our waiter and he seemed surprised, went away and came back and said “We ran out of grains, that’s why there weren’t any”. I can think of better, more apologetic ways of putting that message across. I believe a good staff team communicates and the waiting staff and chef should work together to ensure that everyone knows what is and isn’t available before the customer orders. I heard other customers order things and their waiter/waitress knew what was and wasn’t available. There did seem to be quite a lot of things they had run out of but they are new, it was a busy bank holiday and it was late in the afternoon. Overall, the rest of the staff are lovely and fit in well with the welcoming attitudes shown in the other venues on Oakwood parade.

I ordered the grilled halloumi salad which comes with super grains (if you’re lucky), avocado, leaves, roasted red peppers and honey and mustard dressing. My husband ordered Jamon, picante cheese, roasted red pepper and pesto grilled melt. We were both happy with our food. We had ordered polenta wedges but they had run out and in the end we were nicely full anyway. One thing to keep in mind is that they serve the food when it’s ready so you may not eat at the same time, we didn’t. I’m assuming that is usual practice but I’m not sure. Our waited didn’t mention it but as mentioned, he wasn’t exactly on the ball. I also noticed that they offer gluten free bread, always a bonus in my book.

We had some lovely drinks. A nice beer, gin and tonic and a gorgeous espresso martini. I’ve had great espresso martinis and I’ve had some awful ones and this one was definitely up there with the good’uns. The drinks are quite reasonably priced too, £5 for a prosecco, around £7 for a cocktail or gin and tonic.

Overall, I really like Hessian and hope it stays around. I can’t wait to come back for the evening menu and to sample some cakes. I did notice a message on their Facebook page apologising for not offering ‘the full Hessian experience’ over the bank holiday weekend. I think that’s fair enough and goes to show that they are a staff team that care.

Atmosphere 8.5/10
Quality 8.5/10
Service 8.5/10 (based on overall from both visits)
Value 8/10
Unique 8/10
Overall 8.5/10

Sylva, Oakwood, Leeds

I have been looking forward to coming to Sylva since I saw the striking new building at the bottom of Princes Avenue. I’ve been driving past, waiting for some signs of life so that I can go and explore!

Today I finally managed to get myself down there to check it out. It’s a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, I thought I’ll go and have a G&T in the new place, Sylva, or Cafe Sylva according to social media.

You can’t help but be taken by the impressive architecture. The building itself is stunning. There is a downstairs cafe area and an upstairs bar area and never the twain shall meet it seems! Arriving shortly after 4pm, we were advised that the downstairs cafe area was closed and it was just the bar upstairs that was available. We walked upstairs to the open plan bar area. The space is really beautiful, gorgeous ceiling, large outdoor patio are and some small outdoor roofed nooks at the side. The furnishings are nice, good quality sofas and chairs, nice coffee table and a large bench table. Although the furnishings are nice, the space doesn’t seem to be used that well. The seating is very limited although the space is massive. It just doesn’t seem to work somehow.

On the tables were a drinks menu and a cocktail list. I understand from a conversation that I overheard at another table that food is not served until after 6PM. Being by the park, I imagine it would be a good idea to start serving food as soon as the bar opens to allow for those wanting a late lunch or snack. At the very least, have food menus on the tables, stating the serving times. Let your customers peruse the menus over a couple of gins, I’m sure they won’t mind waiting for the kitchen to open while knocking back a G&T and thinking about what they will order. Having looked at the menus online, the food looks interesting but pricey, I’d like to go back and sample the quality. Particularly after seeing that they stock Brown&Blond and Love rouge, two of my favourite local treat makers. Disappointingly, after being there for half an hour, I saw a member of staff take a delicious looking cake downstairs to the closed cafe area. Come on people! gin and cake! you know it makes sense! Keep that cake by the bar!

One thing is for sure, these guys know about gin. The gin list is small but perfectly formed and they are fully stocked with fever tree mixers and clearly understand garnishes. Our gins even came in matching glasses appropriate to the gin. Winner!

It was pretty quiet when we arrived but started to fill up somewhat during the time that we were there. The sun was going in and people were making their way there from the park for an afternoon pick me up. I didn’t see any children in there but I did see a man with children enter, be met by a member of staff and then turn away and leave. I understand that it’s a bar but on a Sunday afternoon, you could get a bit of extra custom with some more families in, particularly if you left the cake upstairs. I also saw what looked like a cracking hot chocolate, which would keep the kids and parents happy!

Overall, I like Sylva, I really like it. I love that it’s so Yorkshire themed. There is just something missing though. It’s almost like an exclusive club that nobody really knows about. It’s like a small, cosy local but it’s too large and lacks the personal touch from the staff.  The staff are pleasant and attentive enough but again, there is just something missing. Talk to me about the gins, recommend a cake, let’s have some interaction. I will be going back because it’s a nice venue, the gin is good, the food looks interesting and it’s over the road from Preston bar and Hessian so why not.

If I were to suggest any changes, they would be:

  • Have food menus on the tables
  • Start serving food earlier
  • Use the space fully rather than restricting upstairs and downstairs to certain times
  • Take care with music selection – either you want a chilled vibe or a party vibe but mixing it up can be unsettling to the customer
  • Never ever take away the cake!

Atmosphere 7/10
Quality 8/10 (based on drinks only)
Service 7/10 (could have been quicker considering it was pretty empty)
Value 7/10
Unique 8/10
Overall 7.5/10

The Kitchen, Snaith

Snaith isn’t necessarily somewhere that I would go without good reason to. Let me tell you, The Kitchen is that reason. Recommended by a good friend of mine, I knew I could trust her judgement when she told me I would love it. She wasn’t wrong.

Snaith is a small market town in East riding of Yorkshire (I think that’s the correct term for the county this week). It’s a picturesque little place and The Kitchen’s quaint style fits in perfectly. Despite the remote location, it does get busy so do prepare for yourself for a bit of a wait if you want to eat in.

During our wait, my friend and I had look around the deli area. It was a feast for the eyes! There were baked sweet treats, fresh bread, salad dressings, jams, drinks, pastries and many other delights. We perused the cake area to pick out what we might want for afters. Despite getting there at around 2PM, they had already sold out of many things, showing their popularity.

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Before long we were seated and looking at a colourful menu. The seating area was very cute. As it was quite small, it felt a little bit crowded when it was full but once it had emptied out leaving just us, it was a really nice relaxed place to lounge.

I had a beef, Yorkshire blue cheese and onion marmalade sandwich. This was served with salad and crisps. I also couldn’t resist a warm sweet chilli sausage roll which came with sweet chilli sauce on the side. To drink, I had a lovely flavoured green tea, I think it was peach. My friend had a toastie and soup combo. The portion sizes are absolutely massive! I only managed the sausage roll and half my sandwich before it started to hurt. Although being the trooper that I am, that did not stop me wolfing down half a portion of carrot cake! This was also massive but didn’t impress me as much in terms of quality and flavour. Big portions are always exciting, however, they came with big prices to match. Rightly so, to be fair, because the food is of good quality. The bread for my sandwich, for example, was a wonderfully tasty garlic and olive bread with big fat olives baked in. My personal preference would be smaller portions and smaller prices and that would keep me coming back. The current set up, however, will probably still pull me back in the future for a treat. I’d just get the sausage roll to take away next time to give me more room!

Overall I enjoyed my visit and would recommend it. I might go back, although I know similar places that are cheaper and closer.

Atmosphere 8/10
Quality 8/10
Service 8/10
Value 7/10
Unique 7/10
Overall 7/10

Pintura, Leeds (Gluten Free friendly)

I have to admit that this is my third visit to Pintura and I love it more and more each time I go! This time was a little different as I wanted to see how easy it is to dine out when you are gluten free. Luckily I am gluten free at the moment by choice and not by necessity, but while I am doing it, I want to experience it fully. All I can say is that if everywhere is as helpful as Pintura was then we are getting it right as gluten free friendly society.

When the server had finished talking through the menu, I asked her which options were gluten free. She asked me if I was gluten free or Coeliac. Big tick. I responded and she replied saying that she would just check with the chef. Moments later, she comes back with my menu, altered to show what I can and can’t have. I was delighted to see that I could still have bread and dessert as I had completely written those off! I could even have cake!


So, on to the food. We went for the garlic and tomato bread, Chorizo, Sirloin steak and fries, Marinated prawns and a pork special. The bread was delicious and you couldn’t tell any difference with it being gluten free bread. I said so at the time to my husband who replied saying he had forgotten that it was gluten free. The chorizo was gorgeous, it had a powerful taste without being overpoweringly strong and acidic like it can be. The texture was nice and soft, a good quality Chorizo. The steak was melt in your mouth and so tasty. My only criticism of this dish was that it came with fries and mustard but nothing to dip the fries in. Luckily I had alioli left over from the prawns. Also I would have liked some more fries as there wasn’t much when sharing between two. The prawns were beautifully fat and juicy, really tasty. I couldn’t taste any garlic in the alioli and would have liked it to be stronger, but that’s my personal preference. The pork trio special was a lovely treat. It came with steak, fillet and a rib, with a celeriac puree accompaniment and some sort of jus type thing. It also came with a separate tiny little crunchy apple, like a very mini toffee apple. Well that just made the evening for me! My only criticism of the special is that it’s pretty hard to share a small rib. Then came the desserts, chocolate mousse and Spanish almond cake, gluten free cake! The desserts were delicious, I didn’t want the cake to end. I’ve had the mousse before and it is deliciously rich and I love the way that it’s presented.

You can’t talk about Pintura without talking about gin. Their gin list is immense. I think it’s best list I’ve ever seen outside of the gin festival brochure. In fact I’m sure it is. A fabulous mix of local and international gins. I love the way that they actually give you a brief description of the gins, rather than just listing the names. They also offer some favourite gin and tonic combinations and of course they are all served with premium tonic, in a decent glass, with a garnish. Another big attraction for Pintura is the service. The staff are just so nice! I have thought this each time I’ve visited. A server came over to see if we needed more drinks. I asked for a Slingsby Rhubarb which is a favourite. The lady told me how she likes to drink it and offered to have one made up for me. I accepted the offer and let me tell you, Slingsby rhubarb with Double Dutch cucumber and melon is an absolute dream!

The other thing that I have yet to mention is the decor. Pintura is just a really lovely place to be. The entire place has a relaxed vibe, particularly the gin bar downstairs. They have managed a unique combination of modern, trendy, urban, relaxed and something almost vintage. I even loved the toilet!

I would urge anyone to go. It makes a fantastic date night but also somewhere to relax with friends and family. I can’t wait for my next trip, I have several gins left to try!

Atmosphere 10/10
Quality 10/10
Service 10/10
Value 9/10
Unique 10/10
Overall 9.99/10

(I really want to give it full marks but there were just a couple of teeny tiny little tweaks required. My full marks are hard to come by!)


Gluten free afternoon tea: 2 Oxford Place, Leeds

It’s no secret that I’m an afternoon tea fan. After a month of being gluten free, I had spent all week looking forward to a gluten free afternoon tea.

2 Oxford Place is a lovely little venue. Tucked away from the masses but still central, it has the feel of a cosy living room yet the convenience of being easy to get to. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed and a couple of hours whizzed by in no time. Although that could have been down to catching up with friends!

You can see from the pictures that the food was plentiful. Too much food in fact for the three of us to manage. We each took home a box of leftovers! It all came beautifully presented. The china cups and saucers were gorgeous and I loved the glass bottle of water.

So on to the main bit, the food. The sandwiches were lovely and such a treat for a gluten free eater. Some gluten free breads are awful! I would have liked to see some meat options and perhaps some smoked salmon. The choices we had were salmon paste,egg, cucumber and cheese and chutney. Although perfectly pleasant, a somewhat disappointing selection.  There was a LOT of cake! Never a bad thing! The cakes were nice and again a welcome treat for a gluten free eater. You can definitely tell the difference between a normal scone and a  gluten free scone. It was really nice but not quite like the real deal.  I didn’t try every cake because there was just way too much but everything I did try was nice. I took some Bakewell tart home for my husband who was pleasantly surprised and said he wouldn’t have known it was gluten free. On balance I personally would have preferred some more savoury selections and a little less on the sweet side.

What let the experience down slightly was the service. The staff were polite and did check on us a couple of times but overall there were too many things that let them down. We had pre-paid a deposit for afternoon tea with a glass of fizz, yet we had to ask for the fizz. I would have expected them to come over and ask us if we are ready for said fizz. A member of staff brought the glasses over while wearing her coat and clearly on her way out. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this so much if she hadn’t repeated how unprofessional it was to her colleague as she served us. I had ordered Earl Grey tea and was brought some sort of smokey tea. To be fair, the smokey tea was really nice. However, it wasn’t what I asked for. We had a menu on our table which listed everything that was in the afternoon tea. Not happy with the mountain of cake we already had, we noticed that there was Victoria sponge on the list but not on our cake stand. We mentioned this to a waitress who went to investigate. She came back and explained that the Victoria Sponge was only on their sample menu. This was a little odd as everything on that menu was on our stand except the sponge. We were sitting right in front of the bar yet it seemed to take ages to get anything, the fizz, the bill, the card machine etc.

Overall, it was a nice experience. If you are 100% gluten free and need an afternoon tea then I would recommend it. Personally, I wouldn’t return for afternoon tea. At £25.00 per head, I’ve had a lot better and a lot cheaper. BUT, that is me who plays gluten free and could take the hit and eat gluten full. I would consider returning to 2 Oxford Place for lunch or dinner but I would hope for better service.

Atmosphere 9/10
Quality 6.5/10
Service 6/10
Value 6/10
Unique 10/10
Overall 6.5/10

2 Oxford Place, Leeds, LS1 3ZX, 0113 234 1294