The Kitchen, Snaith

Snaith isn’t necessarily somewhere that I would go without good reason to. Let me tell you, The Kitchen is that reason. Recommended by a good friend of mine, I knew I could trust her judgement when she told me I would love it. She wasn’t wrong.

Snaith is a small market town in East riding of Yorkshire (I think that’s the correct term for the county this week). It’s a picturesque little place and The Kitchen’s quaint style fits in perfectly. Despite the remote location, it does get busy so do prepare for yourself for a bit of a wait if you want to eat in.

During our wait, my friend and I had look around the deli area. It was a feast for the eyes! There were baked sweet treats, fresh bread, salad dressings, jams, drinks, pastries and many other delights. We perused the cake area to pick out what we might want for afters. Despite getting there at around 2PM, they had already sold out of many things, showing their popularity.

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Before long we were seated and looking at a colourful menu. The seating area was very cute. As it was quite small, it felt a little bit crowded when it was full but once it had emptied out leaving just us, it was a really nice relaxed place to lounge.

I had a beef, Yorkshire blue cheese and onion marmalade sandwich. This was served with salad and crisps. I also couldn’t resist a warm sweet chilli sausage roll which came with sweet chilli sauce on the side. To drink, I had a lovely flavoured green tea, I think it was peach. My friend had a toastie and soup combo. The portion sizes are absolutely massive! I only managed the sausage roll and half my sandwich before it started to hurt. Although being the trooper that I am, that did not stop me wolfing down half a portion of carrot cake! This was also massive but didn’t impress me as much in terms of quality and flavour. Big portions are always exciting, however, they came with big prices to match. Rightly so, to be fair, because the food is of good quality. The bread for my sandwich, for example, was a wonderfully tasty garlic and olive bread with big fat olives baked in. My personal preference would be smaller portions and smaller prices and that would keep me coming back. The current set up, however, will probably still pull me back in the future for a treat. I’d just get the sausage roll to take away next time to give me more room!

Overall I enjoyed my visit and would recommend it. I might go back, although I know similar places that are cheaper and closer.

Atmosphere 8/10
Quality 8/10
Service 8/10
Value 7/10
Unique 7/10
Overall 7/10


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