Gluten free afternoon tea: 2 Oxford Place, Leeds

It’s no secret that I’m an afternoon tea fan. After a month of being gluten free, I had spent all week looking forward to a gluten free afternoon tea.

2 Oxford Place is a lovely little venue. Tucked away from the masses but still central, it has the feel of a cosy living room yet the convenience of being easy to get to. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed and a couple of hours whizzed by in no time. Although that could have been down to catching up with friends!

You can see from the pictures that the food was plentiful. Too much food in fact for the three of us to manage. We each took home a box of leftovers! It all came beautifully presented. The china cups and saucers were gorgeous and I loved the glass bottle of water.

So on to the main bit, the food. The sandwiches were lovely and such a treat for a gluten free eater. Some gluten free breads are awful! I would have liked to see some meat options and perhaps some smoked salmon. The choices we had were salmon paste,egg, cucumber and cheese and chutney. Although perfectly pleasant, a somewhat disappointing selection.  There was a LOT of cake! Never a bad thing! The cakes were nice and again a welcome treat for a gluten free eater. You can definitely tell the difference between a normal scone and a  gluten free scone. It was really nice but not quite like the real deal.  I didn’t try every cake because there was just way too much but everything I did try was nice. I took some Bakewell tart home for my husband who was pleasantly surprised and said he wouldn’t have known it was gluten free. On balance I personally would have preferred some more savoury selections and a little less on the sweet side.

What let the experience down slightly was the service. The staff were polite and did check on us a couple of times but overall there were too many things that let them down. We had pre-paid a deposit for afternoon tea with a glass of fizz, yet we had to ask for the fizz. I would have expected them to come over and ask us if we are ready for said fizz. A member of staff brought the glasses over while wearing her coat and clearly on her way out. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this so much if she hadn’t repeated how unprofessional it was to her colleague as she served us. I had ordered Earl Grey tea and was brought some sort of smokey tea. To be fair, the smokey tea was really nice. However, it wasn’t what I asked for. We had a menu on our table which listed everything that was in the afternoon tea. Not happy with the mountain of cake we already had, we noticed that there was Victoria sponge on the list but not on our cake stand. We mentioned this to a waitress who went to investigate. She came back and explained that the Victoria Sponge was only on their sample menu. This was a little odd as everything on that menu was on our stand except the sponge. We were sitting right in front of the bar yet it seemed to take ages to get anything, the fizz, the bill, the card machine etc.

Overall, it was a nice experience. If you are 100% gluten free and need an afternoon tea then I would recommend it. Personally, I wouldn’t return for afternoon tea. At £25.00 per head, I’ve had a lot better and a lot cheaper. BUT, that is me who plays gluten free and could take the hit and eat gluten full. I would consider returning to 2 Oxford Place for lunch or dinner but I would hope for better service.

Atmosphere 9/10
Quality 6.5/10
Service 6/10
Value 6/10
Unique 10/10
Overall 6.5/10

2 Oxford Place, Leeds, LS1 3ZX, 0113 234 1294




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