Pintura pop up

Next month I am booked to go back to Pintura and I cannot wait! I have been a few times and I’ve loved it more each time! For those of you that don’t know, Pintura is a Spanish tapas bar in the centre of Leeds. It’s a gorgeous venue with amazing food and divine gin bar on the bottom floor.  Thinking about it made me think back to Yorkshire Day last year.

To celebrate Yorkshire Day, Pintura did a pop up bar in the Trinity Centre in Leeds. They served Spanish Pintxos with a Yorkshire twist. For example above you can see salmon and cucumber sandwich in squid ink bread buns and toad in the hole made with Chorizo. It was gorgeous. Pintura are known for good gin and they did not let us down. They served a number of Yorkshire style cocktails but the best one by far was one that was made with Slingsby rhubarb gin. If you are looking for a good rhubarb gin look no further than Slingsby, also referred to as ‘The spirit of Harrogate’. I’ve had a lot of Rhubarb gin, I’ve made Rhubarb gin. I’ve never had one as good as Slingsby’s!

I can’t wait to return next month and sample more gin and tapas! Review to follow…

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