Stockdales, Leeds, September 2016 and previous visits


Stockdales is one of my go to places for so many occasions!

Date Night √  Family Meal √  Work do √ Group gathering √

What first hits me about Stockdales is the element of luxury. The building is beautifully decorated, the food is good quality and gorgeously presented and the service is fantastic. The decor is high end quality without feeling too formal. You wouldn’t look out of place dressed up for a night out or in your jeans after a spot of shopping. The atmosphere is always good, not too rowdy but not too quiet. I love the exposed brickwork and the leather seating. Even the bar looks beautiful!

The menu is varied with meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian options. You can get a decent burger at the lower end of the price bracket  or a Wagyu fillet steak at over £40! The menu is high quality and therefore a little pricey. I actually think most of the mains are quite well priced. My only criticism around pricing is the sides and sauces. At £3 they are overpriced in my opinion. I’m unlikely to spend £3 on a sauce when I could get another side for the same amount. When you pay £42.50 for a steak that comes with no sides, it stings a bit to fork out for the sides.

While I’m on the subject of pricing, I do have to point out the excellent value for money and quality of the Sunday roast. They are priced at £14 for the main meal only but that Wagyu beef topside is close your eyes good! The sides and gravy that come with it are delicious and the Yorkshire puddings are huge!


In a recent visit, I had the scallop starter, Wagyu beef fillet with truffled fries and peach parfait for dessert. We had a wonderful bottle of the cheapest South American Malbec and sampled some of the cocktails. Overall the meal was fantastic, beautiful presentation and great flavours. Those truffled fries! The service was perfect, interested without being overbearing. I wasn’t overly impressed with the Wagyu fillet. It was a gorgeous steak and melted in my mouth but it didn’t have that outstanding punch of flavour that I wanted and indeed expected for the price. I was much more impressed with the topside of the Sunday roast.

Atmosphere 9/10
Quality 8/10
Service 9/10
Value 8/10
Unique 8/10
Overall 9/10

What would I change?

I would bring down the prices of the sides and the sauces. I would pay £5 for two sides and a sauce but due to the current prices, I spent £3 on one side. I would also consider having specific prices for the sides rather than a blanket cost. I begrudge paying the same for a house salad as I would for truffled fries.

Would I return…..

Yes I would and indeed I have a few times! In fact, I hope to return for a Christmas meal with the family later in the year.


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